The Diary Of A Teenage Girl


It’s San Francisco in the 1970s. Fifteen-year-old Minnie has just started an affair with her mother’s boyfriend. Shit.

An excerpt from The Diary of a Teenage Girl


I think he’s going to cut things off with me. He’s getting more involved with my mother again. They seem to be going out more and more. I just can’t take it. What if they got married or even if they just moved in together?

Object Collection’s Cabinet of Wonders


The stage setup for Object Collection’s upcoming show, The Geometry—opening at the Chocolate Factory on March 25—reads like a catalogue of the otherworldly and bizarre.


IN DIALOGUE: Kia Corthron’s Cool Dip


"There’s a lot of autobiography in A Cool Dip in the Barren Saharan Crick," says playwright Kia Corthron.

Waxing Ten: WaxFactory’s Delirium 27


Delirium 27 works with a tantalizing vision. Lights glower, rhythms pulsate in the sound design as the four actors group and break compulsively. Projections spill on several screens: actors’ tightly shot mugs, urban overheads, then a solar radiance on the back wall that’s as entrancing as Olafur Eliasson’s twilight sun at the Tate.

When It Comes to Tennessee, Target Margin Doesn’t Blanche


What do you think of when you think of Tennessee? Maybe it’s New Orleans or St. Louis, the Kindness of Strangers, Glass Figurines, Brick and Maggie and No-Neck Monsters, drinking, fighting, repressed homosexuality, animal passions and Heat.


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