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Little Shop of Horrors

Though I didn’t know a carnation from a chrysanthemum, I wasn’t nervous before starting a new job in Manhattan’s flower district. I hadn’t known anything about farm work, but survived two months harvesting lettuce in Arizona. More recently, I had endured a crash course in the art of slaughtering and processing industrial chicken. A vegetarian since grade school, I didn’t even know what a chicken breast looked like before working the graveyard shift at a poultry plant in rural Alabama. By the second week, I was tearing apart more than 7,000 breasts a night—by hand.

HANNE TIERNEY: Promoting Theater Without Actors

Hanne Tierney, an East German-born Jane of many artistic trades, describes herself as a “typical autodidact, an eclectic and insatiable reader.” Her wide-ranging interests are evident in her work.

MoCADA Show Takes On the G-Word

Over the past two decades, Brooklyn’s artistic renaissance spawned the borough’s neighborhood reformation.

Perspectives on the Quake

At 4:53 p.m. on Tuesday, January 12th, I was attending a class at the Jacmel branch of the UNASMOH (Université Américaine des Sciences Modernes d’Haiti) when the Earthquake hit.


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