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Diggin’ the Gaps: How Ahmad Jamal Re-Tooled Jazz

Miles Davis wasn’t exactly the most appreciative guy, but if you like your bile served straight you might want to check out his autobiography, which snipes and broods like few other tell-alls have done.

Read This

Music fans are free to like what they like, while music critics, if they’re worth anything, have to be able to explain why they do or don’t like something in a way that might convince someone else. In that sense, Alex Ross is a true music critic and worth quite a bit.

New! Improved! Mainstream! Conservative!

It takes courage, or perhaps pure foolhardiness, for a dilettante to review Philip Glass, his Avant-Garde Establishment Gray Eminence, especially in the realm of the classical.

Environmental Studies

I celebrated a minor triumph a few weeks ago when I restored disruption-free stereo playback at my apartment. Radio signal bleedover had been cutting into my personal turntable listening, but I stifled it with the help of a $16 preamp.


So, dear reader, it’s that time of year again, and here I am suffering in gay Paree while you’re over there in New York having a wonderful winter sippin’ your lattes and, I hope, doing more than just reading this article.

The End of the End-of-Year List

I do not consider myself a record collector. Stats are mostly lost on me. In other words, please don’t ask me to be your partner in trivia because you think I’ll be a huge asset when it comes to the music category: Despite the fact that I write a lot about music, I won’t be much help.


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