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Collaborative Beginnings

Movement, like feeling, is transitory. A child is on the brink of discovery. An arm stretches out to become an extension of light. In DAY, Jean Butler—well known for her Irish step dancing in Riverdance—has ventured into new terrain led by the exceptionally talented Tere O’Connor, who treats all of his performances like collaborations.

Garth Fagan Dance Turns Forty

You could say that Garth Fagan knows a thing or two about longevity. His choreography, a modern/Afro-Caribbean hybrid with the heat of Alvin Ailey and the cool intelligence of Merce Cunningham, has kept audiences and critics in thrall for decades.

Existence and the Body, Three Ways

In a given week in this city, obligation and desire conflict, depression or love or weather get in the way of staying true to a schedule, work comes and goes, and every once in a while, you hit an existential wall. What are you doing this weekend?

Dancing Dulce Et Decorum Est

On October 17, 1967, an American battalion marched into decimation at Ong Thanh, Vietnam. Almost 40 years later, American journalist David Maraniss wrote They Marched into Sunlight, a record of the event as recalled by its participants. Now, choreographer Robin Becker is turning the tragic lessons, seemingly unlearned, into a different kind of educational event

REBECCA DAVIS’s What I’m Saying Is Born From The Weather

There are a lot of reasons to make art about the weather right now, the most obvious being climate change. Rebecca Davis’s what I’m saying is born from the weather may be addressing the fate of our climate system. More likely, though, she is evoking the weather as a fundamental force of change and becoming.


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