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Espalier in Autumn


Paul Bozkurt

Paul Bozkurt was born on Manhattan Island in 1979, in St. Vincent?s Hospital (recent closed, as I?m sure you?re aware by now). Grew up on West 12th st. Attended what was then St. Bernard Elementary School on West 13th, and then Xavier High School on West 16th. A stint at Pace University before moving to Long Island with my parents for a few years, before returning to NYC. Chelsea, then the Upper East Side, where I now reside. Started writing seriously when I was left with no direction after leaving Pace. First poem emerged during first attempt at a novel inspired by a painting my father bought on a whim before he had me?his only son. The resemblance of it to me in early youth is uncanny. It was a good start.


The Brooklyn Rail

NOV 2010

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