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Filling the Void: Indie Performance Publishing

Over the past two years, newspapers have been hemorrhaging subscribers, hundreds of magazines have stopped printing, and major book publishers are racing to reshape their business models in the face of rapidly changing consumer behavior.

In Dialogue

Gregory S. Moss Is Not A Prodigy

Greg has been doing theater since he was eight but he didn’t consider himself a playwright until he did a three week workshop with Paula Vogel in Florida in 2005. In those three weeks he wrote two full-length plays, a one-act, and a bunch of shorter pieces.

The Vision Disturbance of Christina Masciotti

Christina Masciotti grew up in Reading, the southeastern Pennsylvania city where she has set many of her plays. Since moving to New York, she has worked with The New Group and the New York City Players, and her work has been presented at venues in New York, Pennsylvania and Athens.


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