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In the stunning Premiere of Season Two,

Shitty Gets his Philly!

Sarah Palin with her boob job! Talk of a wine bar! And free plastic surgery for every man, woman and child in the United States! Tune in to the ongoing saga of Shitty Mickey! You’re gonna crap!

Or … go back to where it all started:

The World Premiere of the Shitty Mickey show!

Which features the financial collapse!

Guns, hot musketeers, coprohillia and Disney!

Dick Cheney, a coke orgy, and a bloodbath!

The whole crew is at Neverland!

It's real Shitty!

See it ALL! Or forever live with regrets.


John Reed

John Reed's novels include A Still Small Voice (Delacorte 2000) and Snowball's Chance, which will be published by Roof Books this September. He lives in Manhattan.

Michele Witchipoo

Michele Witchipoo is a comic artist.


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