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Dark Charlie

The summer I returned from teaching English in Japan, my Grandmother bought me a spark-blue 1991 Isuzu Amigo with retractable canvas top and on-demand four-wheel drive.

from LOVE

There is no time, only what needs to be said. That fall, at the beach, I saw a man walking an anteater on a brown leash. I had never been to a beach. The sand was a new grit. I was fascinated.


Little fairy, we had the same notion, we both felt the same concern: neither of us must let too much time pass before sending news. Your sweet card of today—sent on the 3rd—was an even more marvellous surprise (if possible) than your first letter, for I was expecting nothing before twenty days or so had gone by.

Tragic Strip

The Insult that Made a Man out of "Macbeth"

Tommy's Well

Everyone knows a daisy in a desert will die too soon. Tommy smiled anyway. At nine he was the solitary ward of St. Paul’s Missionary, in the atrophied village of San Tulta, Mexico.

Shitty Mickey

Sarah Palin with her boob job! Talk of a wine bar! And free plastic surgery for every man, woman and child in the United States! Tune in to the ongoing saga of Shitty Mickey! You’re gonna crap!


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2010

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