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MAR 2010

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MAR 2010 Issue

An excerpt from The Diary of a Teenage Girl

(Minnie alone. Pacing.)


I think he’s going to cut things off with me. He’s getting more involved with my mother again. They seem to be going out more and more. I just can’t take it. What if they got married or even if they just moved in together? I don’t want him to be sleeping with us both at the same time if we’re living under one roof as a family. It sounds crazy, but what if he started sleeping with Gretel too?

You should only fuck people you love.(pause)

I wonder if I could ever fuck my own father?

I used to have dreams about my grandfather and me. We were both nude, but I’d look down, and there was nothing between his legs…

How does one become a prostitute? Like that girl in Taxi Driver?

(Music starts to play softly. Minnie playfully dances and acts out being a prostitute to the beat of the music)


Go down to Market Street ‘til you see a tall, thin black man with high-heel boots and a cape and a big hat and a diamond in his lapel, and you give him the eye?

(The picture of the pimp and Minnie starts to appear on the video screen)

I wonder if I’d be scared?

What if he was a cop?

It’s not often that someone just steps out of the blue and offers to be a whore.

What is one to do?

 … and I want to be fucked so so badly. It just isn’t fair, life.

(lights shift)


Marielle Heller


The Brooklyn Rail

MAR 2010

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