So Could They Shroud Crows

It’s not an advantage in a writer to have a personality.
Biographies are very messy. As people

We are clumsy, lack insight, rely on
Cumbersome support machinery.

The limited is an effect of occlusion, of an obstacle.
This is the Shadow, which does not so much follow us

As advance like a spot before our eyes. For five years,
At forty, I underwent the Altaic shamanic

Self-annihilation that results in great liberality.
Stellar space distributes us in Light and Darkness.

But this Darkness is the absence of Light; it is not Shadow.
Having lived through the extenuation of

Destruction as The Gift of More Than One Sun
I was shed of the obstacle. My personality

Is merely available: as a suit, not a mask.
And it is easily also discard. Although

In this way, I am capable of being “quaint,”
I now too am eligible of pure Light and Darkness.


Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle

Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle is an American poet and art critic. He lives in Paris and New York City.


FEB 2010

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