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She had been teaching for twenty years and in all that time she had only slept with one student, a young woman named Arlette. It was during the time in her life that she referred to as “the worst time” when talking with friends.

The Sweethearts

At first, I would greet her from my sidewalk and she would respond with a nervous and instantaneous gesture. Afterwards, she would leap away, striking her knuckles against the walls, and, upon arriving at the corner, vanish without looking back. From the beginning, I liked her long face, her disdainful agility, and her striking blue jacket that looked more like a boy’s.


Tragic Strip

An Excerpt from Jacques Roubaud’s forthcoming novel, The Loop

Translated from the French by Jeff Fort (Dalkey Archive Press)

RERUNS REZOOMED a serial novel

In the morning, I went out into the hall to look for my old room, knocked on a few doors. Various residents answered my knocks, invited me in for a drink or not, seemed at home with themselves.


The Brooklyn Rail

MARCH 2009

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