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Motherfuckerless Brooklyn

Thanks to vegans, yuppies, hipsters, muffies,
the lurid and the florid give way to
“Oh my God, these diaper prices!”
and “Isn’t inflation the poo!”
From “lick my dick,” to “macrobiotic,”
from “asshole,” to “alternative,”
the mother tongue is sucking hind tit:
Brooklynese is lexiconically defeated.

Thank god we still have our immigrants:
性交, Chinese, for “fuck”; mierda, Spanish, for “shit.”
But mark my words, motherfuckers, at this rate,
how much longer can batty Brooklynites echolocate?
Fucking A! If not for jerk-offs like me and you,
the expletives would all be deleted.


Ron Singer

Jack-of-all genres, Ron Singer's writing has appeared in publications ranging from alba and Word Riot to Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and The Wall Street Journal.


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