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what is determined disintegrates

I will need to see the show to determine whether
I agree about the degree of repetition and exhaustion

Sometimes one hundred spondees is enough
Provides the tools necessary to comfortably utilize a system
Of classification while maintaining a coherent case concept not bound
By this system if you flip me I come

Starting with the pivot foot at the center
Of the mound ever attenuating from lap to lap

This the nature of the transcript
Between persons

That from which and by which is what it is and as it is
Is its out of and by of
The of but by what and whence
By for to that it is the
That which also

We all cheer from the fucking floor
Where men lack centers
Much like the lushness
Dampening the pallet

I want to tap the gap back
Till form and form’s fiancé turn fatback

They tell you what you need is intake packets
Glass-stained marsh

I want a redo
Swell and scarf the lot


Alli Warren

Alli Warren works in Berkeley, lives in Oakland, and co-curates The New Reading Series at 21 Grand.


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2009

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