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Materializations of the Immaterial

At the first-ever retrospective of the work of sound artist Ryoji Ikeda, recently put together by the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the artist presented eight pieces concerned with the limits of perception and the edges of knowledge

Butch Morris with Alessandro Cassin

It’s going to be a long, hot summer for Lawrence “Butch” Morris, who over the next few months will be conducting an Italian symphony orchestra, a funk band, and the Chorus of Poets—all through repeated back-and-forth trips between Europe and New York, while also finishing a book about “conduction.”


Whether you’re walkin’ to New Orleans, or taking the train they call the City of New Orleans—aside from the harsh truth of Katrina and her aftermath, and the still-massive efforts at recovery, and the Xs marking the many spots of the victims—once you get there it’s both a nonstop party and tourist trap.

Johnny B. has a Patch

It’s Thursday, March 26, 2009 at the Bowery Electric in New York City, minutes before Electric Black’s first show, the show that could make or break them, and their drummer is late.

A Whisperer’s World

Some singers are screechers; some are crooners. Some warble, some growl. There are vocalists we admire for their confident delivery, and others we cherish because they are vulnerable, or funny, or just flat-out bad. (There’s a reason, after all, that Janis Joplin made it into the canon, and it’s not because she was a shoo-in for American Idol.)


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