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In Dialogue

The Power of Suggestion: David Greenspan

I am forever under the spell of Neil Gaiman’s exquisitely disturbing Coraline. I’m remembering how I tried reading it aloud to my children and that by Chapter 2, they literally made me close the book as it became too terrifying for them to let me go on.

Navigating the Nannyhood: Lisa Ramirez's Exit Cuckoo

Imagine motherhood as a sainted occupation, writ large on a woman’s biological belly? Don’t kid yourself.

In Conversation

Jason Grote and Karinne Keithley on the Acousmatic Theater Hour with Amber Reed

Listeners to the Acousmatic Theater Hour, which airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on WFMU, have by now heard Caroline Bergvall reading 47 different English translations of the first sentence of the Inferno; Lumberob revealing, for the first time, the spirit animals of pro golfers; long recordings of work by Richard Foreman, Kathie Kosmider, Will Eno, and other notables; and, as they say, much more.


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