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In the Spirit of Paine (and Pleasure, too!)

It’s an early Saturday evening in mid April and SoHo is full of people doing their usual SoHo things: carrying shopping bags; stumbling around in heels; chatting over expensive fare.

A Place Called Home

Darfuri immigrants in Brooklyn yearn and fight for the devastated region they left behind

Art In Conversation

Alex Katz with Phong Bui

Alex Katz's exhibit Fifteen Minutes will be on view at Pace Wildenstein through June 13, 2009.

Art In Conversation

James Little with Benjamin La Rocco

James Little's exhibit De-Classified: New Paintings will be on view at June Kelly Gallery through June 9, 2009.

Art In Conversation

Robert Lawlor with Christopher Bamford and Dorothea Rockburne

Robert Lawlor, whose book Sacred Geometry has had a great influence in reawakening us to the importance of geometrical principles, symmetries, and proportions—not only for art and architecture but also for science and consciousness studies, speaks with Dorothea Rockburne, Christopher Bamford, and Robert Lawlor.

Jene Highsten, Lines in Space

Since I first saw them a few weeks ago at Björn Ressle Gallery, a series of unusual ink on photograph ‘drawings’ have lingered in my mind.

Anthology: A Lot To Live Up To

The writing coming out of Africa today has an unparalleled urgency.

Dancing? “It’s Awesome”

Artist, movement innovator, and Judson Dance Theater alum Trisha Brown is still hot, still fluid, and busier than ever before.

A Happy Marriage: American Jazz Meets Shona Dance Music

In Zimbabwe, where artists and activists say that ordinary aspects of daily life have been eclipsed by divisive politics, Max Wild's collaboration with Sam Mtukudzi may come across as a bold statement.

Dupes, Hoaxes, and Pranks

I was waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the 34th Street office, a line that, had it been unwound from its switchbacks might have stretched for several city blocks.

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