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NYC: A Nice Place to Be Unemployed?

The morning of Tuesday, February 3 was cold and gray, getting ready to snow. The gloom matched the mood sensible people were in, given the steady barrage of bad and getting worse economic news. Inside the Hyatt at Grand Central Station, host to a Crain’s New York Business forum on “The Future of New York City,” the atmosphere was different.

"When We Were Kings" Pro-Boxing Back in the Hood

No man-eaters imperil me. No, there isn’t much chance I’ll one day find I have to fight for my life versus a roaring, flesh-eating monster unless there’s an escape at the Bronx Zoo, or I go looking for trouble on the Great Barrier Reef, the African veldt, or in the Kodiak range. The peril lurks in men—insurance clerks, Ponzi men, bad doctors, feral lawyers.

Art In Conversation

Joe Amrhein with Phong Bui

In the midst of renovations to the Boiler (located at 191 North 14th street, between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue, which will open on March 7th), Joe Amrhein took time off to visit the Rail’s headquarters to talk with Publisher Phong Bui about his life and work.

Art In Conversation

Robert Mangold with John Yau

While preparing for his new exhibit, Robert Mangold: Drawings and Works on Paper 1965–2008 (on view from March 6th through April 4th, 2009), the painter sat down with Rail’s Art Editor John Yau.

Art In Conversation

Lisa Yuskavage with Phong Bui

On the occasion of her solo show at David Zwirner, on view till March 28, 2009, the painter Lisa Yuskavage paid a visit to the Rail’s Headquarters to talk to Publisher Phong Bui about her current work.

Voice(s) of America Robert Ashley at La MaMa

In the course of transforming the tones and rhythms of American speech into vocal music, the composer and inventor Harry Partch created work that radically broke from the classical European models that his peers drew from. Partch came up with a whole new approach to achieve this goal, one that utilized microtones and drew inspiration from ancient Greek culture, Chinese music, and other exotic sources.

The Sweethearts

At first, I would greet her from my sidewalk and she would respond with a nervous and instantaneous gesture. Afterwards, she would leap away, striking her knuckles against the walls, and, upon arriving at the corner, vanish without looking back. From the beginning, I liked her long face, her disdainful agility, and her striking blue jacket that looked more like a boy’s.

Ginger, A Novelized Memoir in Progress— Comments and Other Confusing Advice From the Editor

Guillermo Castro's work has appeared in Bellevue Literary Review, LaFovea, EOAGH, Barrow St, among others, and the anthologies This Full Green Hour, My Diva, and more.

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The Saga Continues...

On two rather significant issues, the war in Iraq and the financial bailout, President Obama is listening to the wrong advice.

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