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Almost Famous

Harris Pankin clearly recalls his first brush with publicity.

Chasing New York City's Waterfalls

You can find cascading waterfalls right in the middle of the East River. This sounds impossible in the city, but of course, these aren’t natural waterfalls. Instead of falling from cliffs or mountains, the water churns from metal structures.

Glee Club: How an elementary school choir found global fame.

It’s a rainy, gloomy Friday afternoon in Staten Island, but Gregg Breinberg refuses to let the conditions dampen his enthusiasm. Inside the PS 22 school auditorium, 70 fifth-graders are rehearsing choral arrangements with Breinberg, their musical director, affectionately referred to by all as “Mr. B.”

Coney Island History Project Preserves the Past for Future Generations

In 1965, Charles Denson, then a 12-year-old kid living in a Coney Island housing project, saw a map of his community in the New York Daily News and learned that the area had once been separated from mainland Brooklyn. “At that point I became fascinated with the history of the place,” he says.

Taking Back the Streets

The granite arch and support piers of the Manhattan Bridge, spanning streets and sidewalks paved with cobblestones, frame vistas of DUMBO's vaunted “gritty elegance”—industrial warehouses, dock storehouses, and remnants of a defunct railroad.

McCarren Park Pool

The story of Greenpoint’s McCarren Park Pool has the makings of a great saga.

Transgenders Push Past Pageantry, Into Advocacy

In a recent performance, Natalie Isaac donned a huge white dress she sewed that fit nine members of her non-profit transgender advocacy group under it. To Rihanna’s song “Umbrella,” the group came out from under the gown and opened umbrellas that said “Transgender Umbrella” in red glitter. Isaac wore the same skimpy outifit, wig, fishnets, and enormous hoop earrings that she once wore to win transgender beauty pageants. But now she is dressing up to fundraise for New York Trans Empowerment (nyte), an organization she co-founded seven months ago to advocate for transgender rights.


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