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Graphic Novel: Hipster in a Hail of Bullets

Hollywood has probably already bought the rights to Shooting War, by Anthony Lappé and Dan Goldman. After all, the book made one leap already, from free web-comic to hard-bound graphic novel.

Fiction: Reason to Prepare

Lucy Clark’s family could only exist on the page. Her mother, Isifrid, is a Viking-obsessed crack addict.

Nonfiction: I Am Not My Mother

Felicia C. Sullivan has spent her life groping for the words and images to purge the imprint of her childhood.

Fiction: Spray-Painted Mysteries

If judged only by its synopsis, Nina Siegal’s debut novel, A Little Trouble with the Facts, would be quickly categorized as a neo-noir, a rehash of mystery/suspense structure contemporized by a slew of modern landscapes and references.

Fiction: Dangerous, Lyrical Journeys

Yannick Murphy has said that great prose should give readers a sense that they are going somewhere and that it could be somewhere dangerous.

Nonfiction: Top Secret Insignia, Its Place in a Book

As children, some of us collected polished stones, troll dolls, and Pogs. We’ve now graduated to credit cards, broken iPods, and, sure, coins.

Poetry: A Life Sentence

“Words are my life…” the 1930s Objectivist poet Louis Zukofsky once confided, “the poet’s form is never an imposition of history, but the desirability of making order out of history as it is felt and conceived.”

Poetry: Peculiar Antennae

Grace Paley’s poems read nicely as first thoughts, as impressions in a journal, a pause on an afternoon stroll.

Poetry Roundup March 08

Poet in New YorkFederico Garcia Lorca, Pablo Medina and Mark Statman, trans.(Grove Press, 2008) Heart Stoner BingoStephanie Gray(Straw Gate Books, 2007) The Greener MeadowLuciano Erba(Princeton University Press, 2007)

Prose Roundup March 2008

The Book of Other PeopleZadie Smith, ed.(Penguin, 2007) Travels in the ScriptoriumPaul Auster(Picador, 2007) SalvageJane F. Kotapish(MacAdam/Cage, 2007) Now You See HimEli Gottlieb(William Morrow, 2008)


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