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AWAAM Under Fire

When playwright John Guare penned Six Degrees of Separation in 1990, he demonstrated the tenuous trail separating Person A from Person B. Now, “six degrees of separation” has been extended beyond the individual to encompass community organizations working in Arab and Muslim communities.

ABC No Rio

When the community art space ABC No Rio was founded in 1980, its dilapidated building fit in well on the Lower East Side. But the neighborhood has changed around it, and No Rio’s entrance, with its crumbling plaster, rusty gates, and quasi-geological layers of graffiti, no longer has much in common with the chi-chi boutiques, cafes, and art galleries that occupy many of the nearby storefronts today.

Charles Barron: Elected Activist

It is a hot weekday morning in June. The air is humid and the sidewalks are steaming. Most in Lower Manhattan are safe inside air-conditioned offices, but ranks of black activists are out on the steps of City Hall.

History's Storyteller

In “French Founding Father: Lafayette’s Return to Washington’s America,” which runs until August 10, patrons are told of the story of the young French nobleman so entranced by the American Revolution that he defied his king, sailed overseas and fought beside George Washington.

Urban Lines

Home for me is Brooklyn, New York at the terminus of a once busy industrial waterway known as the Gowanus Canal.

And Nate Created A.D.A.M.

Nate Hill stood at the curb of Mott Street in the rain. He was leading a Chinatown Garbage Tour, but he was also hard at work.

Idiotard 2008

On January 26, 2008, New York was raided by the crazy kids of Idiotard.


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