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Gallim Dance Company's I Can See Myself In Your Pupil: A Review

When working in small blackbox theaters, dancers are confronted with a necessary choice: acknowledge audience members, who are near enough to touch, or find a way to erect the proverbial fourth wall.

The Joy of Intimacy: The 22nd Annual Performance Mix Festival

Intimacy is often found in the middle of the spectrum. We don’t bond as easily with the excitingly out of range or the exhausted remnants of the known as we do with what we feel is moving alongside us, at our own pace.

Extreme Behavior? Or Simply Queer?

Whether we’re post-gay, post-AIDS, post-Will & Grace, or blindly drifting in the marketing-driven scam of metrosexuality (which, by definition, is a male heterosexual mannerism), queer male identity is certainly due for an overhaul.

Laura Peterson's Electrolux: A Review

Electrolux: The word may sound like some generic term for the latest tranny party doomed to a four-week lifespan before dying out in a fizzle of A.D.D. and urban ennui, but it’s actually the name of one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world.


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