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Untitled Soap Bubble

This is the frame: A cakelike
excresence & the fleet
freedom of a funny something-
or-other’s not-so-un-
up-to-date twice hyphenated
acronym almost remembered
whilst re-experiencing someone
I briefly met in passing’s
half-recalled jottings based on
your recollection of
my innermost mourninglike
phantasia’s please please
please . . .

that’s how it was.

i think.

what with the weather-chanel
phraseology of stubs & crosswalked
broke goddess haunts smoking
in the stars we soak then
soap plant and crank operated
mainline fraud butter affairs
of taint-sized insurgent chlorine
explosions it’s no wonder that

Tonight on Epileptic Gaming
TV, which airs at 7PM EST
we’ll feature Guest Host Ron
Workman of
and Mia Rose of Whorecraft.

Mia Rose played the Night
Elf in episodes #2 and #3
of the Whorecraft series,
and turns out to be quite
the hardcore gamer. Assonant
sunlike carnal runs
liberalised in a discharged
filmmaking. If the brunt lathes
are keen wizening, a fuel which
fills, monitors, foretells, &
cudgeoles meat-processing
plants operated by companies
such as Tyson Foods Inc.
and Swift & Co. then
Real-estate mogul
Donald Trump has filed
paperwork to build a wedding
chapel on his golf course
in Bedminster &
Aerolineas Paraguayas’
Recent Pageload Activity
is deeply affected funk
stone rumping like a
Hot Unique Visitor
I’m so re-read by/in the storied
nuts that my overly cent
grumpiness situates slightly
to the left of the wrap-around
menu sur all coming in
traffic, & recorded, well, like
Gigi, she holds
her endorsements, &
sends scores of passengers
jumping into the sea.

But the poem. it does not end
like that, pseudoscientifically,
rather it ends, in a bourgeois
manner, pseudoscientifically.

It is greatly disappointing, somewhat
empty, unaware of class
politics, somewhat boring though
not entirely, almost
forgiven, almost aware of
the utter foolish meaninglessness
of its own existence
but still, pretty there
in the fog, next to the
Indonesian ferry docked
to the international
space station made tougher
by a malfunction, yet serious
medical problems requiring
hospitalization or medical
evacuation can cost thousands
of dollars. Doctors and
hospitals often expect
immediate cash payment
for health services.


Rod Smith

ROD SMITH's latest book is Touché (Wave, 2015). His other books include Deed (U. Iowa,  2007),  Music or Honesty (Roof, 2003), and The Good House (Spectacular Books, 2001). He edits the journal Aerial, publishes Edge Books, and manages Bridge Street Books in Washington, DC. He has taught at the The Iowa Writers' Workshop, The Maryland Institute College of Art, and The Corcoran College of Art + Design. Smith edited The Selected Letters of Robert Creeley (U. Cal Press, 2014) with Kaplan Harris and Peter Baker. 


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