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Fingers for Fighting

Perfect Legend’s going to win. Everybody says so.

In Conversation

Tony Avella with Theodore Hamm

Democrat Tony Avella, a City Councilman representing Northeast Queens, is running for mayor in 2009.

Home is Where the Work Is, Domestic Workers Unite

Diane B. came to the U.S. from Jamaica in 2000 wanting what every immigrant wants: a well-paying job with healthcare benefits, paid vacation, and regular hours.

Along for the Ride

When Charles Denson walked into the Thor Equities town hall development meeting at United Community Baptist Church, everyone wanted to shake his hand and get his opinion of Thor’s latest announcements and of the developer Joe Sitt—even Joe Sitt himself.

As the Neighborhood Grows, Will Schools Adapt?

At one point a few years back many local wags (as well as annoyed hipsters) proclaimed Williamsburg to be “Babyburg!” Thankfully, that Times Style Section-type story seems like a goner, but the gentrification of the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area—and many other parts of Brooklyn—has only accelerated.

Erasing the Kung-Fu Judge

The case of the plundering of the estate of retired judge John L. Phillips is the nexus where corruption and a rainbow coalition of cliché meet, Brooklyn-style.

Outer Borough

Wondering what the Fresh Kills landfill might be like in a century?


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