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Cut-Rate Catharsis: The Brick Theater $ells Out

The Brick wants hookers. And not just any hookers—pricey hookers.

In Conversation

Straight Outta The Sewers: Banana, Bag & Bodice’s Jason Craig with Alec Duffy

Playwright Jason Craig founded the theater company Banana, Bag & Bodice with actress Jessica Jelliffe nearly ten years ago in San Francisco.

In Dialogue

Kate E. Ryan: Spectacle of the Unassuming

“Did you have one of those? Do you know what I’m talking about?”

Lost Harbor of the Clowns: CircuSundays at Red Hook’s Waterfront Museum

For those last few people who still don’t live in Brooklyn, and even for all the supposedly savvy among us, theatergoing in this borough retains a strong whiff of adventure.


Gary Winter”s darkly humorous At Said continues at PS122 thru Jun. 4. Tim Farrell directs. Wed.-Sat., 8:30pm; added performance, Sun., June 4 @ 8:30pm. $15. 150 First Ave., Manhattan. 212.352.3101.,


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