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Rocky Goes To RISD

Scratch the glittering hide of the most successful artist and you’ll probably find a bruised little outcast lurking inside, still smarting from some long-ago snub.

ADAMAGICA: Magic and Iconolatry in Film

When we look at the sad, often ridiculous, lives of the great ceremonial magicians, it is obvious, in any conventional sense of success—wealth or happiness—that magic doesn’t work.

Da Vinci, Sedaris, Middlesex, Deleuze

I haven’t read The Da Vinci Code, but I have read a lot of profiles of women who have. Apparently they liked it a lot. It’s curious how consistently the curve of reading material ascends among the Last Great Book You Read on these profiles.

Docs In Sight


Round up of current goings on in the world of documentaries.

The Turntable Is The Cosmos: Asian Summer in New York

Subway Cinema will be bringing the best (and wackiest) of Asian pop cinema to our doorstep with their 5th annual New York Asian Film Festival.


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