A Perpetual Geyser of Pus


In the opening movement of Beyond Hell, the metal-opera/concept album that is GWAR’s newest offering, Oderus Urungus watches “unconcernedly” as the band’s secret Antarctic Fortress is approached by a “mass of evil-looking sky machines. ...

James Angell: The Making of The Pandemic Symphony


It’s not easy to describe the buzz you catch off the music that James Angell cooks up. I’m not referring to industry buzz, because up until recently the music business has had their collective blinders on regarding Angell’s mesmerizing brand of classically influenced lounge rock. ...

Outernational: Rockin’ in the Unfree World


Last October, Marxist agit-rappers the Coup headlined a show at Southpaw that also included Livesavas, Tom Morello, and an unsigned band that I’d never heard of called Outernational. ...

Dimensions in Music: Soft Power: Jazz Meets the Subcontinent


A loose-knit group of New York creative musicians are avidly crossing impressive fluency with resonances from their South Asian traditions. ...

Moving Waves: Listening to Tony Conrad’s Early Minimalism


How you experience music depends partly on history, partly on physics, and partly on your body and mind. ...

Gayle Force


Tribute albums are a proud tradition in the jazz world. Tapping that vein, Steve Dalachinsky has devoted an entire book of poems to one artist—seventy-year-old avant-garde saxophonist Charles Gayle, a veteran of the New York free-jazz scene of the sixties and a fixture in the Downtown improv world since the early eighties. ...


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