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Boris Charmatz with Maxime Fleuriot

French choreographer Boris Charmatz co-founded the Edna group with Dimitri Chamblas in 1992. During his residence at the Centre Nationale de la Danse, Charmatz developed his BOCAL project, a nomadic and ephemeral school, and is now a visiting professor at the Akademie der Kunste (Berlin), where he is creating a new BA dance curriculum for the 2007 academic year.

Growing Pains: Dance Stakes Its Claim in Brooklyn

Exiting the subway station at Bedford Avenue last month, I noticed that the lot on North 7th Street, where the Williamsburg Arts Nexus (WAX) stood for five years, now lies vacant. In 2004, WAX’s lease ended, the building was sold, and one of Williamsburg’s artistic gems lost its home.

The New York Dance and Performance Awards: A Recap

There’s no better way to start off a new dance season than to reflect on the past season’s highlights. Hosted by artists Bebe Miller and Stephen Petronio, the 22nd Annual New York Dance and Performance Awards (known as the Bessies) did just that on September 17th in the same lengthy way that most ceremonies occur.

Two Cures for the Doldrums

What July/October activity in New York takes you on a three-hour sojourn filled with twists and turns, heroes, villains, and colorful minor characters, leading to either triumph or heartbreak?


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