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Farewell to CBGB's

This is where Richard Hell and Joey Ramone took on The Man. The punk rock values that came out of CBGB’s made me who I am. And now it’s gone.

Hurricane Hugo Takes New York By Storm

A pregnant silence permeated the Great Hall of Cooper Union as the audience anxiously awaited the guest of honor. The auditorium was packed to capacity, filled with people from all walks of life. They had come together for one purpose: to spend an entertaining night with one of the most brash, fiery, charismatic and colorful leaders in recent times.

Art In Conversation

Brice Marden with Jeffrey Weiss

While preparing for his traveling retrospective—which will be on view at MoMA (October 29–January 15), at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco (February 17–May 13), and at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum for Gegenwart in Berlin (June through September)—the painter Brice Marden takes time out to welcome Jeffrey Weiss (an art historian and head curator of modern and contemporary art at the National Gallery of Art) at his Tivoli studio in upstate New York, to discuss his life and work.

Art In Conversation

Merrill Wagner with John Yau and Eve Aschheim

On the occasion of her traveling survey, Looking at the Land, which will be on view at the Ben Shahn Gallery, William Paterson University (October 29–December 2006), and the University of Rhode Island (January 15–February 28, 2007), Merrill Wagner welcomes the Rail’s art editor John Yau and painter Eve Aschheim to her studio to talk about her life and work.

A Tribute to Dr. Lillian Milgram Schapiro (1902–2006)

Born August 20, 1902 to Benjamin and Dora Milgram of Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Milgram Schapiro attended P.S. 125, P.S, 156, and Girl’s High School, graduating in 1919. She then worked as a part-time stenographer at the MacMillan Company and took evening courses in economics and poetry at Hunter College.

Dance In Conversation

Boris Charmatz with Maxime Fleuriot

French choreographer Boris Charmatz co-founded the Edna group with Dimitri Chamblas in 1992. During his residence at the Centre Nationale de la Danse, Charmatz developed his BOCAL project, a nomadic and ephemeral school, and is now a visiting professor at the Akademie der Kunste (Berlin), where he is creating a new BA dance curriculum for the 2007 academic year.

Theater In Dialogue

Blue Door: Painting within the lines of history with Tanya Barfield

I am suddenly aware of the difference between my wife and me. Not that this hasn’t occurred to me before. But I am suddenly aware, in a very new and unsettling way.

Dimensions in Music: From Mambo to Salsa, Part Six: The Rhythm Sticks

Afro-Cuban music’s polyrhythmic structures evolved from ceremonial African hand-drum ensembles; rumba, like Puerto Rican bomba, fused hand-drummers, singers, and dancers, while in a 1930s innovation on Havana’s band scene, Arsenio Rodriguez beefed up bongo-driven son with the conga’s deeper resonance.

Editor's Message

King of New York

Say what you will about Mike Bloomberg, but this fact is indisputable: he is the most powerful mayor in the history of New York City.


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