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Dance Crush: Batsheva Dance Company at the Lincoln Center Festival

Every once in a while I have a crush on a dance. I play the scenes over and over in my mind. I download the music. I concoct fictional personas loosely based on the dancers’ bios. My most recent crush is on Telophaza, Ohad Naharin’s latest creation for Batsheva, Israel’s premiere dance company, which performed as part of this year’s Lincoln Center Festival.

Winter Voyage/The Rite of Spring: Emanuel Gat Dance

Emanuel Gat Dance, founded at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel-Aviv in January 2004, premiered Winter Voyage, a haunting duet performed by Israel-born Emanuel Gat and Roy Assaf, in conjunction with the two-year-old ensemble piece, The Rite of Spring at this summer’s Lincoln Center Festival.


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