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The Politics of Sampling: A Discussion with Hank Shocklee, DJ Spooky, et al.

The following panel discussion took place as part of “The Comedies of Fair U$e,” a conference on copyright and intellectual property held from April 28–30 at NYU. The event was organized by NYU Journalism Professor Rob Boynton, in conjunction with the New York Institute for the Humanities at NYU, which is under the direction of Lawrence Weschler.

In Conversation

Blair’s House of Cards: Clare Short with Hirsh Sawhney

Erudite and engaged, Clare Short has been a member of the UK Parliament since 1983. She has been one of the most vociferous critics of both the Iraq War and the Blair government’s ongoing support for it.

Flower, Song and Kitsch: A Story of How Immigration Rescues Irony

Amidst the ghosts of empire’s graveyard, an apparition arises, a wondering soul from Conquest’s ashes, he commands, he conjures. With the wave of his hand, he reclaims irony, and sprinkles it like fairy dust upon the audience.

Inside Denmark

1. I went to a sex club in the suburbs of Copenhagen last night. A Danish brunette named Heidi sucked my dick through a glory hole while some Swedes stood around, then I fucked a Norwegian while her husband jacked off on my back. I know it sounds like a good gig, but it was joyless and mechanical.

Postcards from Detroit

Ed.’s note: The following are photographs of some of the 19th century mansions in Brush Park, in downtown Detroit. In recent years, the area has undergone some revitalization. But with the American auto industry nearing complete collapse, such images may again suggest the future of Detroit and its environs.


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