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What’s For Dinner

What’s for Dinner: Cold shredded jelly fish with sesame seeds and pork; sweet whole shrimp with chili and soy dipping sauce; crab legs in black bean garlic sauce.

Lou Dobbs Ain’t No Damn Indian

“At the bridge today,” explains a man waiting for the R train at 36th street in Sunset Park, on April 1st. “I been here eleven years. Luchando cada dia….It’s a day to show pride.”

Utopia Has a Web Site: Commune Life on Staten Island

Carl Peckham stands behind the front counter of Every Thing Goes cafe placing dirty coffee cups and plates into a stainless steel industrial dishwasher.

One Saturday in Queens

On a recent Saturday afternoon, my pal Alvaro and I set out for central Queens in order to feel the pulse of the new city. Having read many stories about the experience of riding the globalized 7 train, I was more curious about the street life below, so we got off at 74th and Broadway in Jackson Heights and began to walk up Roosevelt Avenue.

Reflections on the Immigrant Rights Movement

For reasons that remain a mystery even to myself, at various times during the past year I’ve found myself settling down for the evening with Lou Dobbs and Bill O’Reilly.

P.S. 24: Social and Emotional Learning in Dos Idiomas

Every morning, Diaz asks her students if there’s anything they’d like to discuss; she is often surprised—and pleased—by their revelations. Today is no exception.

Against the Giuliani Legacy

Upon the premiere of the documentary Giuliani Time, directed by Kevin Keating and produced by Keating and the Rail’s Williams Cole, we are pleased to the run the following excerpts from Cole’s series “Against the Giuliani Legacy.”

Farewell to Jane Jacobs (and to Williamsburg, too)

Ed.’s note: In one of the final written statements about urban planning, the legendary Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) commented on the future of the Williamsburg-Greenpoint waterfront. Last May, the Bloomberg administration and the city council rezoned the waterfront, providing for high-rise towers on the waterfront and a privately built waterfront esplanade, with some affordable housing to be built in Bushwick. Jacobs contrasts the local community’s plan for the area versus the developer-friendly rezoning that ultimately prevailed.


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