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Red Tide Blooming: The Discomforting Spring of Taylor Mac

Taylor Mac is a whirlwind of streamers, the last notes of his song mixed with the clatter of piped-in helicopters. I run across upstage and attempt to apprehend him; he dodges and swoons. Finally I lead him out. Lights down.

In Dialogue

All’s Well That Ends in Well Lisa Kron and Leigh Silverman

My introduction to Lisa Kron was in the Five Lesbian Brothers’ The Secretaries at New York Theater Workshop. It was love at first sight—but with the entire group of five women.

Behold A Trojan Horse: The Cataract’s Clear Vision Stalks Off-Broadway

For a writer/director team whose first collaboration was staged over twelve hours in a grove of trees and had an audience of speeding drivers, a show opening Off-Broadway isn’t too shabby.

Rail Recs: April on Track-Current and Coming Events

The “indefinite postponement” in late February by the New York Theatre Workshop of the Royal Court Theatre import, My Name is Rachel Corrie has sparked an international firestorm of response that refuses to burn itself out.


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