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The French Alternative to “No Alternative”

The showdown in Paris and other cities against the right-wing government’s First Employment Contract bill (“CPE”) turns out to be France’s largest student movement in twelve years — but joining forces with last November’s suburban rioters remains a harder task.

South American Diary

Everyone talks about politics here. Although there were plenty of celebrations when Michelle Bachelet was elected in January, this is the inauguration weekend, with plenty of state fanfare and nearly round-the-clock TV coverage of the new president and her cabinet (10 of 20 of whom are women)

In Search of the American Soul

I am a complicit, disappointing little asshole. This is my thought while sitting in the dirt, staring out at Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.

Mortal Coil

The tablets of Enheduana’s Exaltation of Innana are lost In the bombing of my kitchen. History’s first published poet Daughter of Sargon of Akkad circa twentyeighth century highpriestess of the goddess gone down into layers of dust & grease. Cracked. Illegible.

A Salute to Garrett Scott (1968 – 2006)

This year’s Truer Than Fiction Award goes to Garrett Scott and Ian Olds for Occupation: Dreamland.

That Wretched Refuse...

After you finish reading this paper a few things could happen – you’ll throw it away, recycle it, or maybe just let it sit on your coffee table for a few weeks.

Gen. Kos’ Army

With over 500,000 visits a day, DailyKos is not just (in one ranking) the second most popular blog on the net. It’s also one of the main sites where the Democratic faithful are rallying, where they get the latest updates from the front lines, where they hash out their vision of what the party should be, their plans for victory.

Unsustainable Cities

Ever reached a state of panic during a futile search for a public bathroom in New York? Residents of places like Kinshasa and Delhi feel your pain, and then some.

In Dialogue

French Literature Today: Philippe Forest with Yann Nicol

Born in Paris in 1962, Philippe Forest is the author of numerous essays on art and literature and of three novels, all published by Gallimard.


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