Confessions of a Child Smuggler


At present, my greatest fear is not that I will be mistaken for a kidnapper, or a child molester, or someone set on bringing a two-year-old girl and her three-year-old brother from Mexico to the United States on a diabolical organ transplant scheme. My concern is less fantastic, and more frightening.

Harold Pinter’s Nobel Speech


Ed.’s note: The following speech was delivered by Harold Pinter in December of 2005, upon his acceptance of the Nobel Prize in Literature. We have left the British grammatical style intact.


Jon Kessler with Katie Stone Sonnenborn


Jon Kessler’s exhibition at P.S. 1, The Palace at 4 A.M. is anathema in the current state of art. Raging and fierce, his elaborate kinetic sculptures directly address the current socio-political state of the world through the eyes of an American.


The Splendor of the Word: Lucy Freeman Sandler with Jim Long


The Splendor of the Word is a selection from the New York Public Library’s collection of 286 illuminated manuscripts.


Jake Berthot with Ron Janowich


In the midst of his preparations for a new exhibit at Betty Cuningham Gallery, Jake Berthot takes time to welcome painter Ron Janowich to his Accord studio in upstate New York to talk about his life and work.


Make Me Feel Something


Seductive and moody and oh-so-beautifully textured, the songs of Calla are reflections and shadowy whispers from your hidden corners. Listening to these songs is like sitting at a dark corner table in a basement bar, or being underground with a fallen angel telling you fables, or walking the city on a quiet night, or waking up from a dream and trying to grasp at the fleeting images that just recently occupied your mind.

Same-Sex vs. Same-Old


A married protagonist falls head over heels in love with a same-sex buddy, and heartbreaking complications ensue. This sums up the plot not only of that famous gay-cowboy movie, but of the new Brit chick flick Imagine Me & You. What Brokeback Mountain approached as high Hollywood art, Imagine Me & You gloms onto as trendy not-so-high concept.