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In Dialogue

Tea in the Desert with Julia Cho

I fell in love with Julia Cho last summer in Oregon. She and I were both writers in the Just Add Water/West Festival at Portland Center Stage, where her plangent, bristling, and very funny play BFE was being workshopped.

On the Art of Sticking Out: Clubbed Thumb

First, they browbeat Wallace Shawn into seeing things their way. Then, they named their company after a deformed digit. Now, they’re offering $15,000 to the best pitch for a new play that might have something to do with a legendary stash of ducats that may never have actually even existed.

Hold onto your Bowlers: Clowning Around at HERE

“Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me.” We’ve all seen the T-shirt, and it rings true. But why? Aren’t clowns supposed to be cute and cuddly and friendly? Why do people fear clowns?

In Conversation

Myth and La MaMa: Ellen Stewart

Since founding La MaMa in 1961, Ellen Stewart has been far and away the most prolific (and arguably most influential) producer of experimental theater in New York and throughout the world.


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