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In Dialogue: Framing Rinne Groff

1. I’m meeting Rinne Groff at New Dramatists and am surprised to see that it’s actually an old church. For some reason in my mind I had imagined it would be this super slick Logan’s Run-inspired design playwright fortress. A big dream for a non profit, I know, but it could be possible in New York. The gatekeeper of N.D. lets me in, but tells me there is a meeting in the library today. When Rinne arrives, she gives me a hug and is a little relieved to go to a café anyway, because she’s just come off the train from Providence.

In Conversation

Interview or Who’s Afraid of Mr. Albee?

Based on an interview with Edward Albee conducted by Eric Wallach at Mr. Albee’s Tribeca loft in New York City on March 15, 2005.

Houses of Faustus (The Devil’s in the Details)

It’s tempting to declare a Faustian zeitgeist. With two productions from two of New York’s most interesting experimental theater companies dealing with the infamous scholar-magician (an historical figure contemporary with Luther), one can’t help but wonder if there is something about the present moment that sends us to the mirror.


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