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New New Holland?

Not for the first time in New York City’s history, a buzz about Secession has begun to be heard—or perhaps a serpentine hiss, depending on your point of view. Several local papers (including NY Press, the Nation, and the Rail), have recently run articles boosting secession and independence for NYC.

Secession: A Five-Point Program

In the February issue of the Rail, Jason Flores-Williams issued his “Call to Secession.” In this issue, the writer outlines his battle plan.

Notes from September 11

And the sun behind the plume went out orange and then violet…

Journalists at Work

Journalism at its best is art, a literature of the most wantonly eclectic and rapacious style.

Learning from Buster

The Department of Education has done a tremendous disservice to America’s children.

Letter from Ecuador

Yes, there are presently 35 school-age children living behind bars with their mothers.


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