Landscape Moves


To talk about landscape is to talk about desire—for the horizon, ever out of reach, and for more immediate surroundings, out of focus in their sheer proximity.

Thoughts on Savion


have gone to see/hear Savion Glover every night of his three-week run at the Joyce Theater, except the few when I’ve gotten into scrambles with his PR folks over the sold-out show and landed at a diner on the other side of Eighth Avenue, despondently eating red jello.

From Mania to Melancholy: Tere O'Connor at the Kitchen


Shards of almost-familiar music embedded in sonic dissonance.

Dancing on the Rail


Choreographers are in the business of experimentation, endlessly searching for new movement vocabularies, fine-tuning and developing a style or merging disciplines in the spirit of collaboration and the blurring of artistic boundaries.

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