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In Conversation

Richard Ford with James McCloskey

Mr. Ford asks me to meet him for coffee early on a Saturday morning in late September in the lobby of his midtown hotel. When I arrive, I’m initially surprised by the modernity, the sleekness of the décor: mirrored tables and high straight backed chairs, and Japanese fighting fish in bowls on shelves above the couches.

In Conversation

Mike Albo with Jen Zoble

Whether he’s dancing in the altogether with the glitter-soaked Dazzle Dancers or waxing agitated about the agonies and ecstasies of consumerism, Mike Albo is an author and performer who understands exposure and how it drives our fame-crazed culture.

Culture: Wild girls

We don’t really need an introduction to the “female chauvinist pig,” because we’ve already seen her, heard her, had drinks with her, been compared to her, and possibly even emulated her. She’s the radio host bragging about her implants on-air; she’s the heterosexual co-ed making out with her best friend at a frat party.

Poetry: Elegy for a Young Poet

Song To The Mountain is a collection of poems by Gustavo Brillembourg, which was published in 1995, two years following Brillembourg’s death at the age of thirty-five during a rock-climbing accident. Only seven hundred and fifty copies have been published by his family; finding one, then, requires a bit of sleuthing.


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