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Inserting a Bit of Nature into our own Asphalt Jungle: Jennifer Monson / Bird Brain takes its final flight

We started out in the elevator, and scooted up to the third floor. Upon landing, we being the participants of the Jennifer Monson/Bird Brain pre-show audience migration, were directed into one of DTW’s two brilliantly sunlit studios and out onto the back terrace.

Breaking Ground: Dance Charrette

The young daughter of an audience member sitting to my right kept warning her mother, “The dancers are going to get dirty,” as they brushed against the walls of the Tobacco Warehouse in Dumbo.

Beverly Blossom: The Incomplete Lament of an Old Dancer.

The programs for Beverly Blossom’s performance at Baruch College (September), were handed out in wrinkled, crumpled wads


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OCT 2005

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