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Inconvenient Evidence: The Effects of Abu Ghraib

The following talk, illustrated with forty sets of slides, was given at The Great Hall at Cooper Union in Manhattan on November 9, 2004 to begin a conversation with Seymour Hersh, Luc Sante, and David Levi Strauss, moderated by Brian Wallis.

Local Activists Vow to Keep Fighting the Good Fights

Now that the election is over and the votes have been aptly counted (or not, depending on who you believe), New Yorkers are hesitantly accepting the harsh reality that George W. Bush is still our President.

The Angela Thomas Story

Long before The Swan wafted into living rooms across the U.S., Christian author and motivational speaker Angela Thomas found herself lamenting her “ordinary” looks.

In Conversation

Enlightenment Now: Stephen Eric Bronner

Stephen Eric Bronner, senior editor of Logos, an interdisciplinary Internet journal, is Professor of Political Science and a member of the Graduate Faculties of Comparative Literature and German Studies at Rutgers University.

Notes on the Many Wars

t’s by now a commonplace that the mission has not been accomplished. More than a year and a half after W.’s less than prophetic statement, U.S. troop levels in Iraq top 150,000, including many well past their prime fighting years; the city of Falluja lays in ruins; and the national elections slated for late January hold little promise of turning the tide.

The Body That We Basically Are

Human life is touched upon and yet left untouched. It is life that constantly feels and receives its conditions of existence from outside itself, but that also seems indefinable except through recourse to such external conditioning forces.


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