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Hearts and Minds of Darkness: Garrett Scott In Conversation with Williams Cole

Occupation: Dreamland, a chilling documentary directed by Garrett Scott and Ian Olds about the Fallujah in January 2004, just prior to the U.S. siege, opens on September 23 at Cinema Village. The Rail’s Williams Cole recently sat down with Scott.

Letter From London

Zrinka Bralo kept her head down as the car moved through sniper alley. It was September 1993 and she was fleeing Sarajevo in the midst of a war that had pitted against each other Muslim Slavs, Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats—all former neighbors. She was headed for a United Nations flight, her only escape route, which would take her via Croatia to safety and a new life in London.

Mexico City Punk

Hotshit Latin-American film director pulls up in front of my six-room pension in a massive SUV. His Nicaraguan wife breaks once from her cell phone to ask if I brought a jacket as we drive into Condesa, a shiny district that could be South Beach, the Meatpacking District, etc. We go into a lounge: all white décor, beautiful people, gold earrings. Hotshit tells me how Subcomandante Marcos has been rebuked for criticizing the new leaders of the PRD (Party of the Democratic Revolution). This makes him happy.

Session PLAN B: the Scottish Model

Wendy Wood was the grande dame of Scottish Nationalism no demonstration was complete without her green cloak. Her folkloric enthusiasm kept the cause alive during the gloomy 1950s. Here she is dancing at a Patriots Ball, courtesy of The Scottish Herald. (The Road to Home Rule, p. 68)

You May Never Have Heard of Leo Strauss, but His Ideas Are Dominating the World

One of the grand mysteries of the 21st century, which may well have to be explained in the 22nd century, is how Cornel West became a household name, even a celebrity, while most Americans have never heard of Leo Strauss. The supreme irony is that Strauss’s influence is far more pervasive than West’s: Strauss’s acolytes have penetrated American government and higher education, and have proudly influenced the nation’s social and public policies.


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