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The Afro–Culture Wars: The "New Black Man" Cultural Criticism as Pseudo–analysis, Pt. 2

Are you one of those wobbly intellectuals or cultural critics who feels uneasy around strong black men?

Talking about Class

Here in America class is a force we all seem to feel on some level. At the same time, it can be damned hard to know class when we see it, and even harder to understand all the ways it shapes our society.

The Playboy Philosophy Turns 40

Playboy, a mere magazine? No—it’s a philosophy.

Report from Brazil: Dark Clouds Surround an Evangelical Movement on the Rise Across the Globe

The story of Lucas Terra is just one of many scandals that have rocked “The Universal Church” as it continues to expand in Brazil and across the globe.

Reflections on the Nation

Starting, and then sustaining, a non-commercial, proudly ideological magazine has never been an easy feat—even less so in the present era of hyper conglomeration, where advertiser-fueled, sex-drenched glossy pages of puff spill over the aisles of grocery stores across the country. The conscious choice to publish an independent political journal, and try somehow to survive financially, is not one that should be made lightly.


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