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Sophie Calle

“I left for Japan on October 25, 1984, unsuspecting that this date would mark the beginning of a 92 day countdown to the end of a love affair.” So begins Exquisite Pain, Sophie Calle’s suite of photographs and texts centered on the experience of intimate rejection.

OK/OKAY: Recent Art From Europe

We may have waded through our fair share of new British art since the Sensation show of 1999, but ambitious surveys of little-known continental artists are still hard to come by.

Under The Rainbow

Part of the inaugural Project Diversity series, Under the Rainbow presents the diverse works of fourteen artists selected from over 1,000 entries for the broader show, which includes 200 artists at seventeen spaces across Brooklyn.

Neo Rauch

A dusty, smudged figure stands at the crest of a sheer precipice, his face strained but ardent.

Unica Zurn: Drawings from the 1960s

The high risks and rewards of an uncurbed passion for nearly impossible art.

Ron Gorchov

Ron Gorchov is from a generation of painters singled out by Barbara Rose as passionately committed to painting as a transcendental art.

Michael Ryan

With a repertoire of unlikely materials and self-taught techniques, Michael Ryan paints landscapes saturated in a fog of anxiety, full of bleary and grimacing visions.

Charles Cajori

A founding member of the Tanager Gallery and intimate associate of the 10th Street School, Charles Cajori has had an extraordinary career steeped in the history of twentieth-century art.

Thomas Trosch

With the glut of galleries, fairs, and massive “new talent” shows, it’s gone beyond “easy access” to something approaching force-feeding.

Karin Davie

Karin Davie’s recent paintings consist of dense layers of profoundly sustained, boldly colored brushstrokes that loop and bend across the canvas.

Cai Guo-Qiang

t’s ironic that a Chinese artist should make one of the more important political statements about the convergence of devastation, celebration, and heroism in the midst of an American war on terror.

Jasper Johns

It has been said that a painter’s “late style,” when old age prevails, is characterized by the coincidence of simplicity of pictorial forms and high ambition.

Kara Walker

There is something particularly powerful about public art that injects itself into our quotidian routine, slowly working on the imagination.


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