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No Room at the Inn: Ratner Continues to "Game" Officials and the Public

On May 26th, the Economic Development Committee of the City Council held a public hearing about Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards proposal.

Digging up Gov. Clinton

Recently waves of neo-conservative historical revisionism have been washing over us in New York, exalting as true patriots such Founding-Father figures as Alexander Hamilton and his reactionary clique of bankers and would-be aristocrats.

Art In Conversation

Thomas Ruff with Vicki Goldberg

The German photographer Thomas Ruff achieved international recognition in the 1980s alongside Thomas Struth and Andreas Gursky, all students of Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Art In Conversation

Catherine de Zegher and Hendel Teicher with Chris Martin

The Brooklyn Rail talked recently with Catherine de Zegher, the Director of The Drawing Center, and Hendel Teicher, curator and art historian, about their show, 3 x Abstraction: New Methods of Drawing.

A Reporter at War: Meditations on Death and Truth

War makes news, even if it destroys nearly everything else. The magnitude of martial events, wherein a single fatality can symbolize the shifting fortunes of a civilization, is so extravagant, so epochal, that media coverage is a necessary by-product.

The Collected Essays of Milton Babbitt

Anyone who has ever heard the composer Milton Babbitt speak, informally or formally, has come away awed by his sheer verbal facility. In the highly verbal community of contemporary music, he has long been regarded as a composer-talker’s talker.

Theater In Dialogue

White girl, I mean Greek girl, got flavor: Angela Kariotis

FronteraFest is the largest fringe festival in the southwest and, I betcha, the most populist. It is an unjuried, first-come-first-served, four-week grassroots bacchanalia of performance in Austin, Texas.

Film Docs In Sight

The End of PBS?

Over a decade ago Jesse Helms began the earnest evisceration of public television and radio by the right wing, beginning what has become a drawn-out, hackneyed story.

excerpts from Citizen (a novel in progress)

Keep your head down, I told myself. Somehow I managed to get on a train leaving New York City. Penn Station was a nightmare. I had sat in a waiting area for the Long Island Railroad trying to read, watching people and wishing like hell I had brought the laptop computer.

FUSES (after Carolee Schneemann)

RED GREEN glistening mouthcock RED tree cat Seasound RED shadow RED Sea GREEN bodies fall back burnt film

Chosen, A Jewish Joke

It’s an unlikely story, I know, but history is full of the unlikely. Look at David and Goliath. Look at Jonah, the reluctant prophet, ferried to his destiny in the belly of a whale. Look at Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe, for heaven’s sake!

Editor's Message From The Editor

Summer Break

I’m on-leave for the next few issues, in order to work on a political campaign.


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