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Double the Pleasure: Dance Meets Poetry in 2wice

In her delightful memoir, Dancing with Cuba, Alma Guillermoprieto remembers her first years spent dancing in New York, including early morning practices of Twyla Tharp’s Medley on Central Park’s Great Lawn.

Taylor Turns 50

A splendid romp with dancers sprinting diagonals across the stage, arms pumping, Esplanade, in all its gleeful abandon and racing-hearts-of-first-love ebullience, manages to make the simplest of movements – running, skipping, walking, jumping – virtuosic modern dance, seminal in its declaration that yes, all this too can be dance.

Dancing on the Rail: April’s Lesson in Dance History

Titans of American modern dance rain down over the city this April. Martha Graham, Mark Morris, and Trisha Brown together offer a veritable trip through the pages of dance history.


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APR 2005

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