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Poems for Jackson Mac Low: Staying

for Jackson Mac Low,
“tremendous light”, fellow traveller

 & that the staying be prolonged of his staying

in the writing, the sounding & rasp & glee

the writing and the staying of the writing

the sounding & the glee of it, the sounding

& staying & glee of all the writing that went into

long permutations & longing in one writing

that he, that particular mind & senses of him

writing, that he be he the writing, then man

prolonged & all that is he, man, in writing

that he be prolonged  & staying in the writing

the sounding of it the rasp the glee of it the

mind of it & senses prolonged by it, of him

sounding that sound, the sound that stays


Anne Waldman

Anne Waldman is the Artistic Director of the Jack Kerouac School's Summer Writing Program.


The Brooklyn Rail

MAR 2005

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