Poems for Jackson Mac Low: Staying

for Jackson Mac Low,
“tremendous light”, fellow traveller

 & that the staying be prolonged of his staying

in the writing, the sounding & rasp & glee

the writing and the staying of the writing

the sounding & the glee of it, the sounding

& staying & glee of all the writing that went into

long permutations & longing in one writing

that he, that particular mind & senses of him

writing, that he be he the writing, then man

prolonged & all that is he, man, in writing

that he be prolonged  & staying in the writing

the sounding of it the rasp the glee of it the

mind of it & senses prolonged by it, of him

sounding that sound, the sound that stays


Anne Waldman

Anne Waldman is the Artistic Director of the Jack Kerouac School's Summer Writing Program.