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Sounds Like Now: Still Pushing Boundaries

While twentysomething indie rockers were busily toying around with various retro (and once innovative) styles, performers/composers old enough to be their parents—or grandparents—were still pushing boundaries.

Maplewood: Not Ashamed to Sound Like Bread

Without a shred of irony—with, in fact, a sometimes embarrassing amount of sincerity—the band purveys an appealing hybrid canyon-rock/driving-with-the-radio-on sound.

Underhanded and Blatant

Radio 4 and The Futureheads

Is Dis a System?

Conlon Nancarrow is very much in fashion at the moment. The late composer has been referenced in The Wire magazine, Columbia University’s Miller Theatre is presenting a Nancarrow festival this season, and new-music critic Kyle Gann has come out with a full-length study (available only at Lincoln Center, and priced at $90; you can bet it’s jumping off the shelves).


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