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RNC: Fight or Flight?

Between August 30 and September 2, nearly 50,000 Republican party delegates, press representatives and supporters will invade New York City for the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Siting NYC:
Six Nights in September

A perennial New York issue that we can expect to be aware of during the Republican Convention is space, or the lack thereof.

In Dialogue

Quincy Long’s People Be Heard

Quincy Long’s new "comedy with songs" opens on members of a middle-America school board singing the pledge of allegiance, a gesture filled with the lofty political and philosophical scope of words like "Republic," "Liberty," and "Justice."

In Conversation

Diane Torr with Sonya Sobieski

This September, New Georges theater company will produce Manfest, a festival geared to challenge gender assumptions and spark conversations extending far beyond the event’s two week duration.

Real People in Crisis Bushwick’s Youth Theater Struggles to Survive

This past spring the youngsters of Real People Theater Company staged a production of Milton’s Paradise Lost at their Bushwick, Brooklyn performance space that was so raw, articulate and powerful that it blew away those of us lucky enough to have witnessed it.

A Williamsburg Neverland: Straight on ’Til Morning

Like many of us, Trish Harnetiaux has been watching Williamsburg change—as warehouses become condos, new bars crop up overnight like mushrooms, and Bedford has swelled from a trickling stream to a healthy river of ever-younger hipsters, artists, poseurs and scene-seekers.


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