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Culture: A Peculiar Place

When I saw the title of Julia Reed’s book, I immediately became defensive. You see, I grew up in the South, and as Reed herself points out, there is “the deep-dyed fear that lives in the heart of every Southerner, myself included: that a Yankee is putting us down.”

A View from Queens

In Las Cucarachas, author Yongsoo Park enters the consciousness of Peter Kim, an urban pre-teenager whose life is defined by stickball, racial boundaries and fist fights. The son of Korean parents, Peter is an ordinary twelve-year-old in 1980s Elmhurst who is crass and excessively hormonal, and who has an inevitable disdain for authority.

The Savage Glitter of Downtown

The SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District did not exist before August 13, 1973. On that day, preferential treatment officially commenced for twenty-six city blocks in lower Manhattan.

Off the Shelves
by Bookstaff

Reviews of new works by Arundhati Roy, Joseph Lanza, Julia Reed, Youngsoo Park, and Anne Arden McDonald.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUL-AUG 2004

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